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My Friend’s Pen Story

I love getting mail from my friends. Here’s a friend telling me her version of my pen story.


I really look forward to reading your blogs! I think you mentioned the Rescue Mission recently, which made me realize that I hadn’t dropped in with donation in a while. Saturday my daughter and I dropped by the mission with a car load of her toys, bikes, scooters, and clothes. I was very thankful to see her helping the guys bring everything in, especially wanting to ride her bike to the door. I was afraid she might have a meltdown about giving up her things, so it was awesome to see her giving heart.

Well, last night I realized that my little shopping bag containing my designer cocktail dress (meant for the dry cleaners) was missing. I was afraid that I had accidently donated it to the Rescue Mission. I was so upset and mad at myself for being so careless about leaving that little bag sitting around for days before I could find a really good dry cleaner. This morning I dug through the entire garbage can, then drove to the Rescue Mission to dig through the bags in the Agape store. On the way, I made a deal with God that if I found that dress, I would volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner. Then, as I realized the dress wasn’t in that pile of bags. In my frustrating (and ticked off at myself) moment, I was reminded of your pen story. Then I thought about your story of the guy wanting the car and how the Lord gave you the means to help him. I realized that I shouldn’t have made those conditional terms to help the needy. I thought maybe this all happened to bring me to action for the Lord, putting my own vanity aside. I then met my friend’s mom, Becky McRoy, in the main office and asked about the holiday needs. I thought about the mothers with little kids that I saw in the hallways and spoke with, wondering about their personal story. It occurred to me that I needed to let go of my insignificant loss, because these were people that didn’t even have a home to call their own. In fact, I listened to an incoming call from someone asking if the mission could cover utilities. When the receptionist said “no”, she then told the person what the check in hours were for staying at the mission.

On Saturday, I noticed the goal sign of 800 turkeys, especially because they usually post how many meals they serve. Today I learned that they are short 200 turkeys. They plan to serve 1000 meals, but I am sure you already know that. Corey told me they have over 100 people scheduled to serve food, but the real need is for the 200 turkeys. I am forwarding you the message he sent me today in hopes that you can help me spread the word quickly. I have worked with the community relations directory at Earth Fare, so I have contacted her in hopes of a donation. I am going to try some other grocery stores and contact friends.

I know you are a very busy man and obviously do a lot of charity work. However, anything you can do to help me secure these turkeys for them would be most appreciated. I am happy to pick up turkeys or checks from anyone you think would be interested.

If you are able to read this email, I did want to let you know this story and what an impact your words are having on those of us that read your blogs. The way you put yourself out there in print is a real testimony to how we are all capable of rising to the calling of being a true witness for Christ in our daily lives.

Sending you and your family blessings of thanksgiving,

Paula Haider


Written by John Hannah

November 17, 2010 at 10:08 pm

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