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Literally Humble

7:59 AM
Yesterday was one of surprises and blessings. My activities included: reading the Psalms on the back porch, coming to the office for a brief time and doing some work, having lunch with my son Seth, dropping the car off to get it fixed after running over some trash that fell of a truck in front of me, having a meeting with my pastor, and going to class. The between times, driving from place to place, were filled with contemplating the theologies of Rahner, which I find difficult to understand. Some of his ideas I agree with but there are other thoughts that I disagree with totally.

While driving around, a friend from the Downtown Rescue Mission called and needed money to buy a truck. He wrecked his and now doesn’t have a means of transportation to get to work and school. I wanted to say no, but I didn’t. I told him I would buy the truck for him as long as we didn’t go above $2,500. While at lunch, I got an email from George Veras, the marketing guy at the Hall of Fame. He apologized for the late notice but wanted me to do a 4 hour telephone call Friday and would pay me $10,0000. Coincidence? God is so good! I think, He has been waiting on me to trust and surrender so that He might show me his faithfulness.

I also have been noticing that there are times when I have felt led to either kneel or lie prostrate to God. Naturally, I didn’t. I simply sat there and would talk “to God” in a way that no one else would know what I was doing. This morning, I was led to kneel before leaving the house. This time, in the safety of the privacy of my own home, I knelt. What a blessing!

Why is it that I say I want to be pleasing to God and follow his will while at the same time, I fail to do it? Also, why do I fool myself into thinking I am following Christ but yet I always limit my surrender?

For me, I think it boils down to fear. The money issues are a fear that I will not have enough to live on or not keep up my lifestyle if I follow God’s leading in giving to those in need. At other times, it is that I am fearful of what others will think. What if someone walked into my office and saw me kneeling? What would they think? It’s not that I’m some holier than thou person who is wearing my faith on my sleeve or trying to cram the gospel down somebody’s throat. Besides, I don’t think that was Jesus’ way. He did, however, go off by himself to pray and in remembering him in the garden, he knelt. I also remember Daniel and company kneeling three times a day in their living quarters. Maybe these acts of worship and praise have a purpose.

Maybe these acts are used to allow God to reveal himself and his character to us. Maybe these acts are used to confirm our humility, our adoration, and our surrender to our King. Maybe in surrendering and in doing we get to experience God in reality and not just in the imaginings of our mind. He becomes real. At any rate, I am going to pray that God grants me the grace that In the future, I will listen to the impulses that he plants in my head and then be wiling to do them.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment, and so one who fears is not yet perfect in love. We love because he first loved us.
1 John 4:18-19


Written by John Hannah

November 10, 2010 at 10:12 am

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  1. Hey Brother, There is so much here in this that GOD is trying to show us. i was the same way but i began getting prostrate in my bedroom and laying and praying 4 hours and Brother that was when JESUS began comming into my roon and sitting and visitting with me. i know you must think me crazy but it’s true and HE would tell me things HE was about to do and the next day it would happen just the way HE said. John when the spirit moves me and HE calls I on a regular basis will get in the floor in the middle of the church service and HE will come there also. some of the most enlightining revelations of HIS word HE has give me while in this situation. Brother John there is so varry much about what the LORD has done in me and with me i wish i could share with you. I’m no better than anyone else on this planet I’m not educated and frankly my whole life has been a failure. But I do have eyes and when JESUS begins comming into your room and speaking with you and the cushion in the chear HE is sitting in even is pushed down and you can tell somone is their and the things HE say’s to you begin to happening just like HE say’s well like i said i’m not crazy i have seen it with my own eyes and even others around have seen the miricles of GOD in my life. He told me that HE would take my wife out of drugs put her in a rehab and bring her home 2 years before HE actually did it. thats why i never dated and thats how i could go into my childrens room at night and tell them that GOD SAID Mommy will be comming home soon and pray with them for 2 years for it. my children will tell you that same story even the little one HOPE she was 3 years old she is now 6. they even know the power of humility and surrender laying prostrate before the LORD. IT IS THERE THAT MIRICLES HAPPEN, SIGNS, WONDERS, MIEICLES AND THE WORD SAY’S


    November 18, 2010 at 9:23 am

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